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Progressive Equine Services is a modern Hoof Care provider dedicated to helping horse and rider combinations of all levels.


To do this, we offer a number of services and use some of the latest technologies available to the industry anywhere in the world. These technologies and evaluations allow us to generate accurate, reliable, and usable data, both pre and post shoeing, which play a big part in determining the trimming and/or shoeing needs of your horse.


Sports science is an important and well established part of human sport. Athletes of all disciplines use the latest technologies, and apply a multitude of sports enhancing techniques to attain higher levels of performance, for injury prevention and to accelerate rehabilitation.


Unfortunately, this trend is not so well established in the equine industry. In fact, much of the horse world is based around visual assessment. Whilst supported by traditions, empirics and convention, it lacks a level of accuracy, reliability and consistency. As such, it rarely meets the needs of the modern-day sport horse.

The demands upon our performance horses are continuing to increase and riders are now looking towards alternate methods and techniques to further boost performance, maintain soundness and stay ahead of the competition. The use of technology and sports science to appraise equine locomotion for baseline studies, lameness detection, equine movement and to quantify the effect hoof care has on performance is something we are only now beginning to see in our industry. 

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