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Before Pic.jpg

Day 1 taking over this horse

After Pic_edited.jpg

2 shoe cycles later

A horses feet are its foundation and as such, the importance of good hoof care to the welfare of its existence cannot be undervalued.


The balance and alignment of a horses feet can have a profound effect on nearly every aspect of the horse. This includes its general health & well being, comfort, stance/posture, behaviour, soundness and ultimately its ability to perform.

It was for this reason that we felt the need to head in a different direction to most other hoof care providers (farriers and trimmers) and move away from some of the more traditional ways of the hoof care industry.

We feel we have now adopted a more 'modern approach' to hoof care, by incorporating a number of modern technologies, assessments and evaluations into our business model. Through the use of these technologies, the collection of valuable data, a willingness to use modern materials and a better understanding of the needs of the horse, we are much better equipped to meet the expectations of the industry, and more importantly the needs of the modern performance horse.

Be it our everyday work, corrective work and/or dealing with lameness issues, we credit our 'modern approach' to farriery for much of the success we achieve. The technologies we use, our assessments & evaluations, a mind set of 'quality over quantity' and a commitment to achieving the best outcome for our clients sets us apart from most other hoof care providers.

Whilst we evaluate the needs of all horses individually, we have a strong emphasis on creating comfort first for the horses we work on through maintaining structural integrity in

the hoof capsule, creating good bony column alignment and good hoof proportions by correcting distortions and fitting shoes to last the entire shoe cycle.

We also posses the abilities to both make and modify shoes to suit the needs of the horses we work on, be it for pathology and lameness, rehabilitation, hoof correction and/or performance purposes.

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